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StellarBrink: A Sci-fi RPG With Custom Ship Design

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A new crowdfunding project is upon us. Its out of this world. Ok, bad joke aside, StellarBrink is brought to us thanks to Tulsa developer Daniel Kole. StellarBrink is a space exploration RPG hybrid with elements of world building found in Minecraft. Kole is hoping to raise $15,000 to fund the completion of the public beta for release later this year.

What I find interesting about this campaign is that Kole is operating it from two fronts, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The Indiegogo campaign was launch a little over a week ago and has 6 days left as of this writing. It has not done well as of yet, which may be why Kole has taken the game to Kickstarter. There, he has set himself a deadline of 14 days to raise that $15,000. This is the first day of funding so we hope he can raise the needed attention in such a short time frame.

The game is a space exploration, ship building game. As the player, you pilot your star ship across the galaxy and upgrade and redesign your ship to fit your needs and style. It has been in development for 3 months and looks to be quite a ways along.

Kole is looking for these funds to help pay for further licensing of development tools and seek help in those areas where his skills fall short.

We will keep you posted on updates. In the mean time, you can follow the game and its progress over on Twitter @StellarBrink.

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