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Two Games Shown Off At July Monthly Meetup

At the July Monthly Meetup, two Oklahoma developers showed off their games. The first up was Zachary Knight, of Divine Knight Gaming, showing off their work in progress Demon’s Hex. The game is not yet playable, but he showed off the concept and some screens of the game. The game is built with the cross platform Haxe SDK which uses NME and OpenFL to target a variety of platforms such as web, PC and mobile.

Follow Divine Knight Gaming on Twitter: @dk_gaming

The second game that was show was Gravity by Red Clay Games. David Hartnett showed off this Javascript based online multiplayer space battle shooter. The game is a lot of fun when there are multiple people playing. It still has a lot to go to be complete, but it is playable. The code is also available on Github.

We will keep you informed on new developments in Oklahoma. We will also strive to have a better camera at the next event.

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