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StellarBrink Fails To Reach Its Funding Goal

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StellarBrink, the sci-fi crafting game by Daniel Kole, failed to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter. Daniel was looking raise $15,000 to fund continued development of his game but managed to raise only $408 of his goal.

During the Kickstarter, Daniel made significant improvements and updates to StellarBrink including a free to play tech demo available on the game’s website(Unity plugin required). He has also added new features including pirate boardings and a cloning chamber.

According to his latest letter to backers, he plans on reviewing his game and goals and plans to relaunch a new Kickstarter soon.

I will be relaunching another StellarBrink Kickstarter shortly after this one ends, and I hope you will back the game again.

I will be making the funding time period 30 days. I will be changing all the advertizing content for the campaign and also enhancing the rewards.

I think that this Kickstarter had many of the same problems as the recent Cymbil Kickstarter had. Mainly, no one had heard of the game or the developer prior to starting up the Kickstarter. I hope that as the community of game developers in Oklahoma builds, and as they begin networking and building off each other, we can have fewer of these situations.

We wish Daniel the best of luck and hope to see his next effort a successful one.

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