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StellarBrink Relaunches A New And Revamped Kickstarter

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After hitting a roadblock in its first Kickstarter, StellarBrink has relaunched its Kickstarter with a complete makeover. The new campaign comes with a new and improved introduction video, new pledge tiers and rewards and two ways to try out the game before pledging.

StellarBrink has also changed both its funding goal and deadline. The previous Kickstarter had asked for $15,000 in 2 weeks. This new campaign has bumped both up to $20,000 in 30 days.

Among the notable changes is the introduction of a Shadow Faction which introduces cloaking technology to the game. This special faction is only available to those players who pledge more than $25 for early access and $35 once the early access tier is gone.

Hopefully these new changes can provide more incentive for others to back the game and help Daniel Kole get his vision off the ground and into the hands of players.

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