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Daniel Kole Of StellarBrink Moves On To Form Survive Tech Games

Survive Tech GamesLast week, we reported on the closing of the StellarBrink crowdfunding campaign. It ended far short of the $15,000 Daniel Kole was seeking to make it happen. While at the time, we were not sure what would happen to it, we have learned a few things.

In a blog post on the StellarBrink website, Daniel informs everyone that for now active development on StellarBrink will be ending. Daniel feels that he alone can’t do StellarBrink the way it should be done.

I have given it a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do proper justice to Stellarbrink, and the game it’s meant to be. It needs a team, and that’s a resource I don’t have available to me at this time.

He is also offering the game for sale if anyone else would like to pick up development on it. As for those who did pledge toward the campaign through IndieGogo, he will be working to refund that money as soon as possible.

So what is in store for Daniel Kole? That is a good question. In the blog post, he alludes to development on another game. Something smaller and more manageable than what StellarBrink was. He didn’t specify there what that game is, but I did have a great conversation with him about it last night.

In that conversation, he gave me a sneak peek at the new game and it looks great. He is not yet ready to share that game with the public as of yet, but plans to be ready to announce it in the coming weeks. Part of the hush-hush nature of this game is due to his experience with StellarBrink. Daniel feels that he went public with StellarBrink way too early which hurt the potential success of the game. Because StellarBrink wasn’t in a more playable state, he was not able to show it off in its best light. He doesn’t want to repeat that.

The new game looks great and looks to be great fun to play. I look forward to being able to try it out myself.

As for the future of game development for Daniel, he has officially named his game development studio Survive Tech Games. All future games will be created through that name rather than Daniel Kole Productions or the game’s title. You will be able to follow his work on the website, which is aa bit sparse on content at the moment, and via Twitter @SurvTechGames.

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