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Casino RPG Officially Launches On April 16

Casino RPG by Goldfire StudiosCasino RPG is coming. Goldfire Studios has announced that Casino RPG will be exiting Beta and making its full debut on April 16. This is just two weeks away. This is the capstone of the significant progress the game has made over the last couple of years.

In February 2013, Goldfire successfully finished the Casino RPG Kickstarter. Since then, the game has been in active development. In September of 2013, they launched the official Beta for the game. During that time, they regularly provided new updates, features and bug fixes. Now they are ready to pull it out of that development phase and focus on what is next.

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Casino RPG Trailer Blocked On YouTube Due To Vague ToS Violation

Casino RPG Trailer Removed Due To ToS ViolationGold Fire Studios recently learned that its latest gameplay trailer for Casino RPG has been hit with a terms of service violation and has been removed from their channel. This was the trailer produced for the recent public beta launch of the game.

In the email received by Goldfire CEO James Simpson, YouTube claims a generic “copyright violation.”

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Casino RPG Launches Public Beta Today

Casino RPG Public Beta

Today is the day to get in on the hot casino action if you were not part of the limited Kickstarter backed closed beta of Oklahoma’s own Casino RPG by GoldFire Studios. This public launch means an end to game data resets and a preservation of the hard work you put into building your own casino empire. In an email message sent out today they lay out the announcement.

We are excited to announce that CasinoRPG is now in open beta and there will be no more resets! Over a year of development and closed beta testing has gone into this release, and we are really proud of the results.

In case you forgot, CasinoRPG is a massively multiplayer online game that merges role-playing, tycoon and city-building with casino games like poker, blackjack and slots. Like all of our games, CasinoRPG can be played for free right from your browser.

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