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Are you a game developer living in Oklahoma? Are you interested in becoming a game developer in Oklahoma? If you are, we would like to get to know you.

Oklahoma has some unique challenges and opportunities for game developers.

We have several colleges and universities that offer game related degrees and courses. These provide many fresh and willing individuals who wish to make their mark in game development.

Oklahoma is conveniently located next to the third largest concentration of game developers and publishers in the US, Texas. It is only natural for that influence to spread to neighboring states. With your help, this can be achieved.

Unfortunately, what we do not have is a unified community of game developers. Oklahoma Game Development wants to bring that to this state. There are many people out there who have been watching the game industry and would like to see it flourish in Oklahoma. We want you to join us.

Please join and help us out in building up game development in Oklahoma by getting involved in discussions about game development and efforts to promote game development in the state.

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