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After Delays And Power Outages, Super! Bitcon 2017 Was A Huge Hit

Retro Gamers Society Presents: Super! BitConThe last weekend of was the third annual retro gaming event, Super! Bitcon. This event is organized by the Oklahoma Retro Gaming Society and has become a staple of the Oklahoma gaming scene since its first year. We attended the first S!BC in 2015, sadly missed the 2016 one, but we made sure to be there for 2017. This year’s event was a great success despite some major setbacks.

The first day was the hardest. The night before S!BC opened its doors, a massive wind storm, or F1 tornado depending on who you ask, swept through the Oklahoma Fair Grounds knocking over trees, the Archway, and powerlines. This last one was the real kicker. The power was completely out the entire first day, resulting in a delayed opening and then finally a full cancellation of the first day of the event. No one was happy to make that decision, but it had to be done. Access to the fair grounds was limited and live powerlines made certain areas dangerous. On top of that, the exhibition halls were in near total darkness.

Thankfully, Main Event, the location that was host to the Saturday after party, gave S!BC extended time and more room to host a larger gathering than planned. They were able to host their first day panels and games at Main Event.

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XPO Lines Up Tramell Isaac Of Boss Key Studios For Keynote

XPO Gaming ConferenceXPO Gaming Convention will be happening this year. While it took a couple of years to get everything ready, they are well on their way to put on a great convention. To that end, they have announced their Keynote speaker. Tramell Isaac, art director of Boss Key Studios, is given top billing at the event.

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XPO Gaming Conference Moving To September 2016

XPO Gaming ConferenceAbout a week ago after a tweet from someone anxious to go to to XPO, I saw that XPO’s website was down. This was extremely concerning as I was looking forward to the event in October. So I tweeted XPO to find out what is happening. Thankfully, they were quick to respond and sent me a link to their Facebook status update.

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OKGD Meetup: Kinect 101 by Lucas Ellis

This past week was the first Oklahoma Game Developer Meetup of 2014 and it started off pretty well. Lucas Ellis of opGames showed off a number of the great features of the Microsoft Kinect 1 and 2 and the tools that use them. It really was a great presentation and got a lot of people excited about their potential.

We have a few other bits of news coming out of this meetup, so please keep in touch.

We would like to thank Jesse Harlin for his help in recording and mixing of the video.

The slides are available below:

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