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Category: Game News

The Lost Cave Of The Ozarks Is A Platforming Dream On Kickstarter Now

Lost Cave Of The Ozarks by Rubber GardenerA couple of weeks ago, Rubber Gardener, Adam Miller, launched his Kickstarter for The Lost Cave of the Ozarks. Lost Cave was immediately eye catching thanks to the quality of the art. Each new bit of art, screenshot, gif, and gameplay video drew me in to wanting to see more. I found it hard not to back this project based on the art alone.

To make the game even more irresistible, Rubber Gardener released a demo of the first section of the game on and GameJolt. This demo provides players an introduction to the game’s overarching story, the tutorial and a couple of levels that show off the puzzle platforming the game is built around. Using a few simple actions, such as a jump, sprint, climb, and attack you explore and advance in the game.

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From Soy Sauce Launches Glass Wing Retold Crowdfunding Campaign

Glass Wing Retold by From Soy Sauce

Last year, From Soy Sauce successfully launched Glass Wing on Steam. The game has been big hit for the indie studio. That game and their others had been developed with Gamemaker but they had hit a wall in its capabilities and reach. For the last year, From Soy Sauce has been building their skill set in Unity game development in order to bring better games to their fans. This work has culminated in the launch of the Glass Wing Retold IndieGogo campaign.

GWR is a rebuild of the orignal game from the ground up including all new art assets, new gameplay, and new level design.

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Game Preview: Minima Brings Fantasy Adventure Puzzles To Life

Minima by RocketDadRocketDad developers Josh Maggard and Denver Poteet are at it again making a charming and fun game, with sounds provided by Tyler Collins. These guys have made several great games, including Game Jam classics such as Space Driller and Now You See Me. While these guys are very active on Game Jams, they are also hard at work making full featured games. Their latest game, Minima, shows a lot of promise even in its early alpha state.

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Update:Two Members Of From Soy Sauce Launch Own Game Studio; Announce New Game

The Royal SkiesLast week was an eventful week for members of From Soy Sauce. Two of the three brothers, Kevin “Shade the Shark” Higuchi and Ken “Scary Sheet Ghost” Higuchi, have left From Soy Sauce to form their own game studio The Royal Skies.

Ken and Kevin  explain why they made this decision.

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Steelehouse and Mister Anderson Announce Phinnegan’s Factory For HTC Vive

Phinnegan's Factory by Mister AndersonOver the weekend, Steelehouse Productions announced Phinnegan’s Factory an HTV Vive VR game being developed by Steelehouse subsidiary Mister Anderson. Phinnegan’s will be launching on Steam Early Access later this summer with planned updates for Fall and Winter this year as well.

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Cosmic Wandering Takes The Show At VR Jam

Cosmic WanderingA couple of weeks ago, a few local developers took part in the VR jam. The goal of the jam was to make something for a VR headset that fit the theme of “shapeshift”. To compete, Brady Wright of Tekton Games teamed up with Mack Savala of Critical Code and Jordan Newman to make Cosmic Wandering.

The game has a simple premise. “Wander on a cosmic journey through a psychedelic environment where you must solve puzzles which cause the world around you to change shape.” You can see a video of the game in action below.

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From Soy Sauce Releases Moving Video About Inspiration And Dreams

From Soy Sauce has been an avid user of YouTube to promote their games for years. The past two years have seen them use it as a way to communicate with fans and give us a glimpse at the development process. Lately, they have been releasing videos showing off 3D platforming mechanics they are developing in Unity as they prepare for NS Doujin Spirit and future games. However, it is their latest video that is of real interest to us today.

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Rivals: Masters of the Deep Open For Pre-Orders; Graphic Novel Coming Soon

Rivals: Masters of the DeepBack in November, the table top game Rivals: Masters of the Deep met and exceeded its funding goal of $40,000, having raised $53,157. The game is now deep into the development stage. In their latest project update, they show off some great concept artwork for the game as well as providing some exciting announcements.

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