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Update:Two Members Of From Soy Sauce Launch Own Game Studio; Announce New Game

The Royal SkiesLast week was an eventful week for members of From Soy Sauce. Two of the three brothers, Kevin “Shade the Shark” Higuchi and Ken “Scary Sheet Ghost” Higuchi, have left From Soy Sauce to form their own game studio The Royal Skies.

Ken and Kevin  explain why they made this decision.

“Today’s news is a little sad. Ghost and I will be moving out of From Soy Sauce. There weren’t any hard feelings that led to this decision. Dart and I just realized we have very different ideas of what direction we would like to take a game company. From Soy Sauce already has a fairly established genre style and operating structure. So we all agreed that instead of trying to change or overlap another genre on top of it, it’s probably best to just start a completely different company that embraces the new design from the very beginning.” – Kevin “Shade the Shark”

This change in the make up of From Soy Sauce will not have any major impact on any current and future projects of the company, as From Soy Sauce’s founder has the ability to continuing making games under that label.

In this announcement, Ken and Kevin have introduced the name of their company, The Royal Skies. They have also launched a new teaser trailer for their first game under the Royal Skies banner, White Vanguard.

Update: You can find a description of the game at the White Vanguard Unity3D game page.

Enter White Vanguard. The Solar System has been divided between two sides. One embraces an AI who promises prosperity. The other unwilling to hand the future of the human species to a machine. There is no compromise, no time to prepare, and no way around. The fight is now.

White Vanguard is a 3rd person space shooter. It’s core game play revolves around the idea of combining the F-Zero GX’s fast action with the flight combat of Star Fox 64. The game is designed to be a small bundle of action and a glimpse into a much larger story to come.

This game looks impressive in this early stage and we at Oklahoma Game Development are looking forward to seeing more from it. We highly recommend giving their new Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts a follow to see more of what they have to offer.

We will also keep you up to date on From Soy Sauce and their latest game development work. Currently, From Soy Sauce’s Founder is hard at work creating Glass Wing Retold, an updated version of their hit action adventure game. It is being completely redeveloped using Unity 3D.

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