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Category: Announcements

Ouya Seeks To Free The Games With $1 Million Matching Fund [UPDATED]

The Ouya $1Million Free The Games Fund

After scoring support from the Kickstarter community to the tune of $8.6 million dollars last year, the makers of the indie based console are seeking to return the favor. Ouya has put together a plan to set aside $1 million to match the successful Kickstarter campaigns of Ouya exclusive games. There are some restrictions of course.

At the Free the Games website, they list the restrictions that apply to this campaign but they aren’t bad. First up, you have to let Ouya know that you plan to participate. Second, you have to include a specific notice on your campaign. Then you have to successfully meet your funding goal and raise a minimum of $50,000 to qualify for matching funds. Finally, your game must be an Ouya exclusive for a minimum of 6 months after release. That’s it.

Their hope is that they get a lot of attention from indie developers who want to get their hands on some of that money and who are willing to release exclusively for the console. I have been really enjoying playing on my Ouya and would love to see more quality games come to it. This could be that nudge to get even more great content.

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