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Monthly Meetup, December 12: Artificial Intelligence

OKGD Monthly MeetupThere is a new game dev meetup coming this Thursday. This one is a bit more geared toward the technical side of game development in that is a discussion on artificial intelligence. It looks like it could be a great primer on the various theories behind the minds that control NPCs in games. It will be at the usual place and time on Thursday December 12. Come on out.

With all of the holidays and other things going on right now, we decided to merge November and December and meet in the middle. This month we will be having our very own Ben Van Treese speaking about all sorts interesting of AI topics:

  • Pathfinding – basics of implementation & demo
  • Steering Behaviors – Emergent pathfinding / movement & demo
  • State Machines – Pulling logic from entities into modular states & demo
  • Behavior Trees – A better way to modularize behaviors & demo
  • Goal Oriented Action Planning – A way to allow emergent planning of behaviors for entities & demo
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