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Month: December 2013

StellarBrink Adds Many New Features And Pre-Order Options


Earlier in the month, we reported on some updates to StellarBrink. That update showed off the fully customizable ship designs capable in the new engine. Since then, Daniel Kole has been hard at work adding even more features. If you haven’t been following StellarBrink on Twitter or via YouTube you may have missed even more updates.

These updates show us a vast number of new features available for players of StellarBrink. There is a video about starbase construction and destruction, one about starbase defenses, and a new video showing off the flight of a fighter. All this has culminated in this full gameplay trailer.

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Amerika Board Game Successfully Funded Thanks To Pre-funding Stretch Goals

Amerika Board Game by Historical Board GamingSecond times the charm, at least for the board game Amerika. A few months ago, Historical Board Games launch a Kickstarter campaign for its new board game Amerika. While a large number of people backed the project, it fell considerably short of its goal and funding was unsuccessful.

Strengthened by the support of those initial backers, HBG relaunched its campaign with a few changes to its focus. Rather than the typical “fund the game then introduce stretch goals” style that many projects fall on, HSB went a different direction and implemented stretch goals right off the bat. Many of these stretch goals fell below the over campaign’s goal. This was an interesting strategy that really paid off.

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Senator Coburn Targets Games Among Other Programs In His Wastebook 2013 Report

Oklahoma Senator Tom CoburnOriginally published on Game Politics.

Every year, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma publishes a list of government programs which he feels wastes tax payer money and government resources called the Wastebook. While he tops the list of wasted tax payer money with a jab at Congress itself, it is when you get into the rest of the document that you find some rather interesting spending programs. In his opening statement to the report, Coburn writes:

Confronted with self-imposed budget cuts necessary to trim years of trillion dollar shortfalls, Washington protested that it could not live within its means. It attempted to take hostage the symbols of America to exact ransom from taxpayers. Public tours of the White House were canceled and Medicare payments for seniors’ health care were cut.

While the President and his cabinet issued dire warnings about the cataclysmic impacts of sequestration, taxpayers were not alerted to all the waste being spared from the budget axe.

Many of these are your typical government waste, such as bridges to nowhere, duplicated programs and agencies, or unused buildings which cost money to maintain. Yet, he highlights many other programs that many taxpayers may not be aware of even in a general sense. Some of these include funding for video games.

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