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StellarBrink Adds Many New Features And Pre-Order Options


Earlier in the month, we reported on some updates to StellarBrink. That update showed off the fully customizable ship designs capable in the new engine. Since then, Daniel Kole has been hard at work adding even more features. If you haven’t been following StellarBrink on Twitter or via YouTube you may have missed even more updates.

These updates show us a vast number of new features available for players of StellarBrink. There is a video about starbase construction and destruction, one about starbase defenses, and a new video showing off the flight of a fighter. All this has culminated in this full gameplay trailer.

All this work has led Daniel to start looking at getting funded again. However, instead of looking at Kickstarter or IndieGogo this time, Daniel has set up a private funding campaign. Gamers have the ability to pre-order StellarBrink to help fund development as well as get other perks. This pre-order campaign provides a number of perks.

For $15 you can pre-order the game. If you enter the code “preorder” when purchasing, you can get $5 off for a limited time. For $25 you get the game and the ability to name an NPC. For $75 you get the game and the ability to design a small vehicle that appears in the game. For $150 you can design a hostile starship. For $200 you can design a starbase. There is plenty there to choose from if you want to help out the development of StellarBrink.

If you are not inclined to purchase the game at this point, but are interested in supporting it, StellarBrink also has a Steam Greenlight page. Voting for the game is a pretty simple way to show your support.

So far, StellarBrink has come a long way since its original crowdfunding efforts. We look forward to seeing it grow and officially release.

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