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Month: July 2014

Game Review: House Of The Lost By F5 Games

House of the Lost by F5 GamesI am a sucker for my Ouya. I backed it when it was on Kickstarter and love it every time I pick up a controller to play. There are so many great games on it and I never seem to run out of something new and interesting to try. So imagine my excitement when I learned that F5 Games, out of Tulsa, were releasing their rogue-like game House of the Lost on the Ouya.

I had played HotL a couple of times on my phone but never really could get into it because of the touch screen controls. They were a bit unwieldy for me. I could never make it through more than a couple of rooms. So when I learned about the Ouya version, I just had to try it out with a controller.

To give you an idea of what HotL is like, it is what is considered a rogue-like game. These are games that feature often brutal difficulty, randomized levels and perma-death. HotL features both perma-death and brutal difficulty and slightly randomized levels. Each level has a bunch of different predefined layouts but the game randomly picks which one you play.

I picked up HotL on Monday night and have played it every night since. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am getting much better at it. I have probably played every incarnation of level one there is, but have only been to level 2 a couple of times. I did manage to make it to level 2’s boss at one point, just to be fried with a laser beam almost immediately. So I have not experienced the full game yet but one of these days, I might just be able to.

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Beat The Summer Heat With Run Frosty Run By Winter Stories

Run Frosty run: Summer Is ComingThe Oklahoma heat is growing increasingly unbearable. With heat indexes 10+ degrees over the actual 95+ degree temperature, people are looking for all kinds of ways to keep cool. Many seek shade. Others seek the cool comfort of air conditioning. Still others seek a cool refreshing beverage. Yet there is one thing all these people are missing, a game about a snowman trying to escape the summer melt.

Oklahoma based Winter Stories Studio, a name already bringing on the cold, has finally released its infinite runner starring a group of snowpeople seeking shelter from the coming melt. Like many other infinite runners out there, the goal of the game is to keep running without hitting an obstacle or falling off a cliff. As you run, you collect snowflakes that are used to purchase a variety of unlockables.

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