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Monday Morning Crowdfunding Report: July 14, 2014

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Every Monday, We link to the crowdfunding pages of games from Oklahoma developers and other interesting crowdfunding projects from Oklahomans. Music, comics, table-top games and more. If it might be of interest to gamers and game developers we will show them off.

We have some new campaigns this week. We are really excited.

Here is the primary list of crowdfunding campaigns:

Fully Funded:

Seven Sons by Michael Lovell. A table top game based in a fantasy feudal Japan. The game is being designed in conjunction with Michael and his partners’ work in their degree at Oklahoma Christian University. He is seeking $2,000 and is fully funded with $2,011 raised.

New Campaigns:

Ninja Hunt by John Bryan. Ninja Hunt is a single or multiplayer card game in which players attack each other with Ninja themed cards and dice. John is looking to bring this game to the public and is seeking to raise $500 and has raised $60 with 26 days to go.

Fully Funded With Time Left:

Dystopica: Anthology and Soundtrack by RubberGardener. This anthology of comic short stories comes complete with a soundtrack to match the theme. To get the book printed, RubberGardener is looking to raise $600 and are fully funded with $633 raised and 6 days left.

Currently Funding:

Demon’s Hex Cross Platform Collectible Token Game by Divine Knight Gaming. This campaign is for an online collectible token game playable across web, mobile and Ouya platforms. They are seeking $10,000 and have raised $100 with 23 days left.

That’s it for this week. I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress of these and any new ones that pop up.

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