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Global Game Jam Comes To Oklahoma

Global Game JamWith a new year comes new opportunities. One of those opportunities important to us is the opportunity to make more games. And what better time and place to make games than a game jam. And we are in luck.

Global Game Jam is a yearly event in which game developers from all over the world come together to make games. This year, developers will be meeting January 24-26 to churn out some great games in 48 hours. These gatherings take place in many locations throughout the world and now there are two locations in Oklahoma.

The first location is hosted in Lawton at Cameron University’s Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies and organized by Kevin Harris. This location will provide the space for free but you will need to bring your own computer if you want to participate.

The second location is hosted in Edmond at Oklahoma Christian University and is organized by Jeff Price. This location requires an entry fee of $20 and has 23 Mac and PC computers available for participants. These will probably be first come first served so if you wish to use this location, you may want to have a backup plan if more people show up.

Game jams are a great place to go and test your skills in game development. They are also great places to network and build relationships with other game developers. The challenge of creating a fully functioning game is a limited span of time really builds your creativity and pushes you to focus on the meat of the game rather than potatoes.

If you are interested in taking part in the Global Game Jam at either of these locations, you can register at the links above.  We certainly look forward to seeing all the games that are made.

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