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OK Game Dev Meetup: Visual Perception and You

OKGD Monthly Meetup At Last Month’s meetup, Dan Moyer showed off a game he had worked on in the past. That game had some really nice visuals and a great looking art direction. At this week’s meetup, July 25, Dan will be giving us a look into visuals perception.

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough lens flares to make a game look right. How is it that some projects need a billion artists, and others only need one? In this talk, I’ll discuss some basic technique that anyone can apply to make their game snap into place visually.

We can cover the basics of how the brain processes visual information, the underpinnings of art direction, and a bit of color theory. Perhaps there will be some pretty pictures, too.

This will be the main treat, but there will also be an opportunity to share your own work with everyone else present. So please try to make it and take part in the fun.

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