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From Soy Sauce Launches Glass Wing Retold Crowdfunding Campaign

Glass Wing Retold by From Soy Sauce

Last year, From Soy Sauce successfully launched Glass Wing on Steam. The game has been big hit for the indie studio. That game and their others had been developed with Gamemaker but they had hit a wall in its capabilities and reach. For the last year, From Soy Sauce has been building their skill set in Unity game development in order to bring better games to their fans. This work has culminated in the launch of the Glass Wing Retold IndieGogo campaign.

GWR is a rebuild of the orignal game from the ground up including all new art assets, new gameplay, and new level design.

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Update:Two Members Of From Soy Sauce Launch Own Game Studio; Announce New Game

The Royal SkiesLast week was an eventful week for members of From Soy Sauce. Two of the three brothers, Kevin “Shade the Shark” Higuchi and Ken “Scary Sheet Ghost” Higuchi, have left From Soy Sauce to form their own game studio The Royal Skies.

Ken and Kevin  explain why they made this decision.

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From Soy Sauce Releases Moving Video About Inspiration And Dreams

From Soy Sauce has been an avid user of YouTube to promote their games for years. The past two years have seen them use it as a way to communicate with fans and give us a glimpse at the development process. Lately, they have been releasing videos showing off 3D platforming mechanics they are developing in Unity as they prepare for NS Doujin Spirit and future games. However, it is their latest video that is of real interest to us today.

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