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One Week In And Touhou Super Smash Battles Flies Past Funding Goal

Touhou Super Smash Battles By From Soy SauceLast week, From Soy Sauce launched its crowdfunding campaign for Touhou Super Smash Battles. They launched the game with a modest $10,000 goal. Before the first weekend was over, they passed that goal easily.

It seems that the combination of Smash Bros gameplay and Touhou characters and setting was the perfect setup for a winning campaign. Another part of their success came from the the desire for Touhou fans to pick their favorite characters to be playable characters in the game. Those high valued reward levels were quickly snatched up.

Now that the first week is done, TSSB has raised over $16,000 and is still growing. They are regularly adding updates as well as new reward tiers. They have already sold 5 of 12 $300 spots to add a favorite character to the game as a Boss. The Game and the Endless Betatester tiers are also very popular having sold more than 100 and 60 respectively.

With 24 days left, TSSB looks to be on track to hit at least a few of their stretch goals before the campaign is over. We will keep you posted on further developments.

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