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Remnants Of A Beautiful Day Greenlit On Steam

Remnants of a Beautiful Day by From Soy SauceThis one passed us up real fast. In the middle of April, From Soy Sauce released their puzzle horror platformer Remnants of a Beautiful Day on Steam Greenlight. While I wasn’t paying attention it was Greenlit on April 27. This is exciting news.

What is Remnants?

An artistic first person narrative experience based on the October 30 2012 3rd place GMC JAM #8 winner. This HD re-imagining of the game builds upon the concepts of the original in more detail, depth and length, but also aims to make the entire experience feel more like traditional game play without taking away the surreal whim that the original was praised for. A pinch of platforming mechanics including jumping, climbing and crawling help to further engage the players with the environment in a way beyond simple spectacle.

This makes the third From Soy Sauce game to hit Steam. It will also be made available on the Wii U soon as well.

All that’s left is some testing, getting the game properly rated so that it can be up on Wii U eShop, and messing around to see if we can properly implement Steam’s Achievement and Cards systems. Since I know that tens upon dozens of people have been asking for that kind of sub-material. This is much much more than it’s source material. There are now multiple endings that feature a pinch of voice over work and the addition of multiple difficulty settings. I estimate that 100% the game might even take players a handful of hours to accomplish.

You can watch a trailer for the game below.

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