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From Soy Sauce Releases Glass Wing Definitive Edition

Glass Wing by From Soy SauceIn their latest video update (which is no longer available), From Soy Sauce announces the release of the Definitive Edition of Glass Wing. This update is a response to one of the most requested content updates from fans of the game.

In the original release of Glass Wing, the game ends with a reverse traversal of the Twilight Trial levels of the game. So you had to go backward through them all to reach the finale of the game. A lot of fans did not enjoy this experience, and I myself had tremendous trouble beating a few of them.

From Soy Sauce listened to fans and replaced that final trial with an extended mountain level with an emphasis on flying to beat it. I haven’t had a chance to try it out just yet, but I am confident that these great developers have done a great job.

The update is available on Steam and

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