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From Soy Sauce Launches Glass Wing Retold Crowdfunding Campaign

Glass Wing Retold by From Soy Sauce

Last year, From Soy Sauce successfully launched Glass Wing on Steam. The game has been big hit for the indie studio. That game and their others had been developed with Gamemaker but they had hit a wall in its capabilities and reach. For the last year, From Soy Sauce has been building their skill set in Unity game development in order to bring better games to their fans. This work has culminated in the launch of the Glass Wing Retold IndieGogo campaign.

GWR is a rebuild of the orignal game from the ground up including all new art assets, new gameplay, and new level design.

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Glass Wing Hits Steam Greenlight

Glass Wing by From Soy Sauce

Earlier this year, From Soy Sauce released the excellent platformer adventure game Glass Wing to the world. Now they are trying to get Glass Wing onto Steam via the Greenlight process. If there is any game I could pick from Oklahoma developers to be put in front of all of Steams users, I would probably pick this one.

While the Steam Greenlight landscape will be changing in the future, it is still an important part of getting indie game developers seen by many Steam users. And it already shows in Glass Wing’s case. So far the game has 76 comments at this time and almost all of them are positive.

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Glass Wing A Retro Style 3D Platformer Puzzle Game By From Soy Sauce

Glass Wing by From Soy SauceOne of the most promising game developers in Oklahoma continues to flaunt its game design chops. From Soy Sauce had really shone when it completed its IndieGogo funded game Spheroid earlier this year. Now it is back with a game jam game that shows just how great they can be.

Glass Wing was released a couple of weeks back as the result of FSS’s efforts to compete in a month long game jam put on by 64 Digits. As a result of this, FSS created a retro inspired 3D platformer with just the right mix of Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime style platforming.

Glass Wing stars a young woman by the name Mayfly of the Glass Wing race who is kidnapped from her home so that a demon may harvest her wings for their magical properties. Barely escaping from her captor, Mayfly must traverse the dangers of this unfamiliar realm as she attempts to restore her lost wings and return home.

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