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Month: August 2014

Glass Wing Hits Steam Greenlight

Glass Wing by From Soy Sauce

Earlier this year, From Soy Sauce released the excellent platformer adventure game Glass Wing to the world. Now they are trying to get Glass Wing onto Steam via the Greenlight process. If there is any game I could pick from Oklahoma developers to be put in front of all of Steams users, I would probably pick this one.

While the Steam Greenlight landscape will be changing in the future, it is still an important part of getting indie game developers seen by many Steam users. And it already shows in Glass Wing’s case. So far the game has 76 comments at this time and almost all of them are positive.

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Divine Knight Tests The Game Boy Waters For Their July Game

Amazing Mazes by Divine Knight GamingDivine Knight Gaming’s most recent entry in their One Game A Month challenge is taking them into the realm of Game Boy game design. Divine Knight is taking part in the Game Boy Jam and wanted to test the waters before diving right into Game Boy territory. The resulting game is Amazing Mazes.

Amazing Mazes is a bit of a return to simpler fare for Divine Knight. After the ambitious Alex’s Meadow RPG, something simple helped cleanse their creative palette. The premise is a simpel one. Navigate the maze and find the flag. There is a timer that keeps track of your current and best time for each of the four mazes.

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Divine Knight Tackles RPGs For Their June Game

Ale's Meadow RPG by Divine KnightDivine Knight has been working on a one game a month challenge this year. So far, they have successfully completed a game every month, except the month of May. For their June game, they decided to tackle a really ambitious project, an RPG. The result is Alex’s Meadow RPG.

While it is not a full fledged RPG, there is no leveling or stats to build, it still plays like one as it has turn based combat, and a fantasy setting. The game features four playable character classes each with its own ability to help you as you fight the various monsters in the game.

The most unique aspect of this entry is the fact that the lead developer’s son, Alex, designed the world in which the game takes place.

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