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Watch Touhou Super Smash Come To Life With From Soy Sauce YouTube Updates

UPDATE: this video series is no longer available.

From Soy Sauce has been hard at work on their latest game, Touhou Super Smash. This game, if the title is not clear, is a combination of Super Smash Bros. gameplay with the Touhou IP. As part of this development, FSS has begun a regular YouTube devlog of progress on the game. So far they have released 7 updates showing off basic move sets brought from SSB as well as a few original move sets.

Even if you have no clue what Touhou is, and I am still pretty foggy on it, this is still a fascinating inside look at a game’s development from concept to finished product. And if you want to see further into their development process, FSS has also been posting two other video series, one about Unity tips and another about using Maya.

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