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Divine Knight Tests The Game Boy Waters For Their July Game

Amazing Mazes by Divine Knight GamingDivine Knight Gaming’s most recent entry in their One Game A Month challenge is taking them into the realm of Game Boy game design. Divine Knight is taking part in the Game Boy Jam and wanted to test the waters before diving right into Game Boy territory. The resulting game is Amazing Mazes.

Amazing Mazes is a bit of a return to simpler fare for Divine Knight. After the ambitious Alex’s Meadow RPG, something simple helped cleanse their creative palette. The premise is a simpel one. Navigate the maze and find the flag. There is a timer that keeps track of your current and best time for each of the four mazes.

Amazing Mazes Gameplay

I also had fun designing the mazes. I vaguely remember drawing mazes as a kid and I never really had fun solving them either. However, actually sitting down and making the mazes was a lot of fun. I only made four, but I could easily spend a few days making many more, but I have other work to do.

We look forward to seeing what Divine Knight has in store for their August One Game A Month game and how well it meets the Game Boy Jam challenge as well.

Full Disclosure: I am Zachary Knight the lead developer and co-founder of Divine Knight Gaming.

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