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XPO Gaming Convention Announced For October 2015 In Tulsa

XPO Video Gaming Convention October 2015Oklahoma has a number of conventions throughout the year, comics, technology, anime, and even some gaming. Now we have a new contender in the gaming convention sector, XPO. XPO held a press event today to announce the first ever XPO Video Gaming Convention happening in October of 2015. XPO plans to be a massive regional gaming convention that will attract the attention of local indie developers as well as multinational console and game development companies.

From small independents to global publishing brands, XPO will showcase and celebrate the gaming industry and the players who love it. Everyone will have the opportunity to network, present their latest achievements and maybe discover the next big independent developer, Streaming personality or biggest fan! Come and enjoy a few days and remember why you love this industry.

Partnering with XPO for the announcement, Tulsa based Bonozo Apps president Matt Harmon expressed his support for XPO and his hope that it will be a major draw for game developers. Matt was also kind enough to record and upload the press event for all of us.

This is an exciting prospect for Oklahoma. While the state will continue to host the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition and the Retro Gamer hosted Super! Bitcon, this will be the first Oklahoma hosted event that will rival events like PAX.

We certainly look forward to learning more about XPO and who they can attract as vendors and panelists for the event next year.

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