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From Soy Sauce Launches Glass Wing Retold Crowdfunding Campaign

Glass Wing Retold by From Soy Sauce

Last year, From Soy Sauce successfully launched Glass Wing on Steam. The game has been big hit for the indie studio. That game and their others had been developed with Gamemaker but they had hit a wall in its capabilities and reach. For the last year, From Soy Sauce has been building their skill set in Unity game development in order to bring better games to their fans. This work has culminated in the launch of the Glass Wing Retold IndieGogo campaign.

GWR is a rebuild of the orignal game from the ground up including all new art assets, new gameplay, and new level design.

The new mechanics in this game will allot for a better variety in the way that the stages are designed, to progressively incorporate the abilities that Mayfly unlocks through her adventure, which will include all of the ones from the original and a few more.

Part of these updates is a change in how levels are connected. In the first incarnation of the game, the levels were connected through what were called Twilight Trials, worlds designed to teach the player how to use new abilities. These levels are being revamped to be alternate pathways rather than the main path.

This game is going to have a much more in-depth and connected world. Where as the previous game had what to many seemed like scattered environments tied by “twilight trials.” My current plan is to have worlds connected in a much more realistic way, and having the twilight trials instead pop up from time to time as a sort of dream-segment challenge for the player which need not be completed but will reward the player with by providing insight on Mayfly’s perspective on her situation.

There are a lot of other changes in store for this Retold version of the game. I will let you read the campaign description. This game is well worth supporting. They are looking to raise $10,000 to help fund the game’s development as well as bring in a great sound track (a sample can be heard in the campaign video). You can also support the game by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

Having had a great experience playing the original version of the game, I am looking forward to seeing how much FFS’s game design chops have improved.

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