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Month: February 2016

From Soy Sauce Releases Moving Video About Inspiration And Dreams

From Soy Sauce has been an avid user of YouTube to promote their games for years. The past two years have seen them use it as a way to communicate with fans and give us a glimpse at the development process. Lately, they have been releasing videos showing off 3D platforming mechanics they are developing in Unity as they prepare for NS Doujin Spirit and future games. However, it is their latest video that is of real interest to us today.

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Wilde Life Pulls Supernatural Support On Kickstarter

Wilde Life Volume One by Pascalle LepasIf you haven’t been reading Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas, a comic about a normal guy renting a haunted house off Craigslist, you are really missing out. In this comic, Oscar, a normal man from Chicago, leaves home and moves into a house in rural Oklahoma. He quickly makes friends with the ghost haunting the house, Sylvia, and a neighborhood teen werewolf with red fur who happens to be named Clifford. The comic follows Oscar’s many misadventures dealing with crazy supernatural entities which occupy the countryside.

I feel that I am seriously undercutting just how much fun this comic is. The humor and action of the comic is well written and illustrated and each character has a distinctive and interesting personality. Pascalle has been writing and publishing Wilde Life for a year and a half and has completed three chapters of the story and is currently publishing the fourth online.

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Rivals: Masters of the Deep Open For Pre-Orders; Graphic Novel Coming Soon

Rivals: Masters of the DeepBack in November, the table top game Rivals: Masters of the Deep met and exceeded its funding goal of $40,000, having raised $53,157. The game is now deep into the development stage. In their latest project update, they show off some great concept artwork for the game as well as providing some exciting announcements.

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