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Category: Game News

Spheriod Doesn’t Reach Its Funding Goal But Is Still Coming


A couple of weeks ago, Spheroid’s IndieGogo campaign ended with the game raising only a small part of its goal. It raised $1,157 of its $7,500 goal. I got in touch with the developers behind the game and asked them a few questions about their experience and future plans.

FSS’s Developers were not overly disappointed in the funds raised. What they raised was enough to release what they consider a good game, just not as good as what they had wanted. So they still plan on getting the game done and released for those who backed it.

When discussing the Kickstarter, FSS’s Founder expressed some difficulty in trying to run the campaign and work on the game at the same time. But he did learn a few valuable lessons about goal setting. He mentioned specifically that smaller goals would have possibly helped the success of the campaign. Rather than focusing on a goal that had most of what they wanted in the game. It would have been better to have had a smaller goal and included other features as stretch goals.

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From Soy Sauce Releases First Spheroid Demo, Hits Greenlight

SpheroidThe great guys at From Soy Sauce have listened and have released the first playable demo of their IndieGogo game Spheroid. The demo looks to have already helped them out. Since adding it, the campaign has gained several new backers.

After asking all of you what you think could help get more people to support this campaign. Many of you wanted a sharable demo. So I went the extra mile to make this a presentable experience. Even going as far as adding some in-game cut-scenes! 

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Daniel Kole Of StellarBrink Moves On To Form Survive Tech Games

Survive Tech GamesLast week, we reported on the closing of the StellarBrink crowdfunding campaign. It ended far short of the $15,000 Daniel Kole was seeking to make it happen. While at the time, we were not sure what would happen to it, we have learned a few things.

In a blog post on the StellarBrink website, Daniel informs everyone that for now active development on StellarBrink will be ending. Daniel feels that he alone can’t do StellarBrink the way it should be done.

I have given it a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do proper justice to Stellarbrink, and the game it’s meant to be. It needs a team, and that’s a resource I don’t have available to me at this time.

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