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Month: October 2013

From Soy Sauce Releases First Spheroid Demo, Hits Greenlight

SpheroidThe great guys at From Soy Sauce have listened and have released the first playable demo of their IndieGogo game Spheroid. The demo looks to have already helped them out. Since adding it, the campaign has gained several new backers.

After asking all of you what you think could help get more people to support this campaign. Many of you wanted a sharable demo. So I went the extra mile to make this a presentable experience. Even going as far as adding some in-game cut-scenes! 

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Spheriod By From Soy Sauce Hits IndieGogo

SpheroidIn my near daily romp through the popular crowdfunding site IndieGogo, I had the pleasure of running across a game being produced by a trio of brothers in between college courses. These brothers, Ken, Kuni and FSS’s Founder, make up the team known as From Soy Sauce. Together they are working on their latest game Spheroid a retro¬†game inspired by Metroid, Bionicle and Beast Wars.

They have announced Spheroid on IndieGogo with the intent to raise $7,500 in order to buy better equipment and commission a number of assets to enhance the game, such as quality music and voice acting. Along with the announcement, their trailer has a lot of game footage that shows off the fighting, transformations and other gameplay elements of the game.

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