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Monday Morning Crowdfunding Report: October 21, 2013

crowdfunding Indiegogo KickstarterEvery Monday, We link to the crowdfunding pages of games from Oklahoma developers and other interesting crowdfunding projects from Oklahomans. Music, comics, table-top games and more. If it might be of interest to gamers and game developers we will show them off.

We lost one campaign this week, but gained a new comic campaign.

Here is the primary list of crowdfunding campaigns:

Spheroid by From Soy Sauce is billed as a retro style game inspired by Metroid, Bionicle and Beast Wars. This is being made by a trio of brothers in between college courses. They are seeking $7,150 to finish the game and have already raised $1,122 with 21 days left.

The Miira View Frame by Miira Artist Tools is a tool designed to enhance the learning and creative experience of artists, designers, students and teachers. Very interesting product. They are seeking $40,000. So far they have raised $16,367 with 10 days to go.

Ended Campaings:

Zap-Kapow! by Steve Roop is a comic book pricing app for smart phones. Steve is looking to bring his iPhone app to Android devices. Zap-Kapow had an unsuccessful run only raising $1,526 of its $65,000 goal.

New Addition:

Nadir’s Zenith Issues 4 and 5 by Jackson Compton and Jerry Bennett. “MANKIND LEFT FOR THE STARS WITH RECKLESS ABANDON. Follow the galactic adventures of IPC Space Marshal, Captain John Nadir!” They are seeking $13,000 to publish the 4th and 5th installments of the comic. They have raised $606 with 23 days left.

That’s it for this week. I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress of these and any new ones that pop up.

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