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Month: November 2013

Spheriod Doesn’t Reach Its Funding Goal But Is Still Coming


A couple of weeks ago, Spheroid’s IndieGogo campaign ended with the game raising only a small part of its goal. It raised $1,157 of its $7,500 goal. I got in touch with the developers behind the game and asked them a few questions about their experience and future plans.

FSS’s Developers were not overly disappointed in the funds raised. What they raised was enough to release what they consider a good game, just not as good as what they had wanted. So they still plan on getting the game done and released for those who backed it.

When discussing the Kickstarter, FSS’s Founder expressed some difficulty in trying to run the campaign and work on the game at the same time. But he did learn a few valuable lessons about goal setting. He mentioned specifically that smaller goals would have possibly helped the success of the campaign. Rather than focusing on a goal that had most of what they wanted in the game. It would have been better to have had a smaller goal and included other features as stretch goals.

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Senator Coburn Responds To Our Letter

Oklahoma Senator Tom CoburnEarlier this year, Senator Coburn signed on as a cosponsor to legislation that would require the National Academy of Sciences to perform studies into the connection between violent games and violent actions. In response to this bill and our concerns over its implementation and potential ramifications on our industry, we sent a letter to Senator Coburn.

In that letter, we expressed concern over the bill’s primary sponsor Senator Rockefeller and over Senator Coburn’s involvement when he has clearly been against studies of similar nature in the past.

After nearly 3 months, we have finally received a response from Senator Coburn. (posted below) It certainly isn’t the response we may have wanted, but it isn’t an unexpected response. Few politicians will back out of their support for legislation once they become a full cosponsor of it.

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