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Casino RPG Announces New Features With Latest Beta Releases [UPDATED]

Casino RPG by Goldfire StudiosLast week saw two new updates to Goldfire Studios’ Kickstarter success Casino RPG. These updates have added new themes for the in-game slot machines, new missions and a new feature to make it easier for players to buy land for the first time. These latest updates now bring four consecutive updates that have included new features to the game. New features had been a bit more sporadic before this.

From version v1.0.0-b175:

FEATURE Real Estate Offices will now offer a free taxi ride to another office with open land for players that don’t already own land.
FEATURE There are now a few new chip race missions scattered throughout the city.

From version v1.0.0-b174:

FEATURE New slot theme! Up until now the only slot game you could play was ‘Classic Slots.’ We are now excited to announce the release of ‘Reel Saloon,’ which is a western themed slot game. You can play this by walking up to one of the new western-themed slot machines in a casino that has one.
FEATURE In addition to the 3 new slot machine items (which must be unlocked from the bonus game on the new slot theme), we’ve added 27 new western themed items for use in and out of your casinos.

UPDATE: And just like that, we are at v1.0.0-b176:

FEATURE You can now close your casino. Why would you want to do this you ask? Well, the most common scenario is when someone opens their casino too early and weren’t really ready for the rush of customers and costs associated with them. So, if you are a Citizen (which everyone is during beta) or during the first two weeks your casino is open, you can close your casino’s doors by going to the outdoor building editor.

With the game at version v1.0.0-b176, Goldfire has also provided a lot of bug fixes that should further smooth out the gameplay.

In addition to the updates to the game, Goldfire is also looking to fill a volunteer Community Ambassador position. The position is described as following:

Community is very important in CasinoRPG, and we are now at a point where we are looking for volunteers that want to help in that effort. Community Ambassadors (CA’s for short) have limited chat moderation tools, but their main goal is to help strengthen the community by helping out other players and helping to keep things fun, friendly and civil in chat. If this is something that would interest you, please answer the below questions to be considered for the team.

In an online multiplayer game like Casino RPG, great community ambassadors have an incredible role to play in ensuring that the game is fun for all involved. These volunteers are often the first line of support for players.

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