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Month: February 2014

Impression of Saga, Crushed

Saga, CrushedIt’s always possible for any gamer to find their flow, that inner state that lulls them into a meditative-like trance as they play. But this is often a side-product they discover inside the hurricane of gameplay, displays, and control functions rather than it being an intentional creation of the game’s design. Yet instead of having the player discover or carve out a meditative state within the game, programmer and game developer Kevin Harris encourages and facilitates one by designed intent.

The browser based game, Saga, Crushed was his recent entry for this past January’s Global Game Jam and Candy Jam. As part of the 2014 Global Game Jam’s theme of “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”, it was created from beginning to end across three days and inside the span of 48 hours. Meanwhile, as part of Candy Jam it was entered among a larger game development community protest against the considered abusive trademark practices recently performed by the game development company King.

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Totally Awesome Games Launches Kickstarter For Duel Of Heroes TCG

Duel of Heroes

While a fair number of games by developers in Oklahoma have been put on popular crowdfunding sites over the last year or so, few look as good and as polished as what has been introduced this week. Duel of Heroes is a new game from a start up company in the Yukon/OKC area, Totally Awesome Games. TAG has launched their Kickstarter for this trading card game and are looking to bring it to life.

DoH is a fantasy based card game along the same lines of Rage of Bahamut and other electronic TCGs. Its combat is based around the use of heroes that can level up and become more powerful and creatures that can be combined together to create more powerful cards.

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