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James Simpson Of Goldfire Studios Gives TEDx Talk On Social Gaming

A couple of weeks back, James Simpson, the CEO of Goldfire Studios, had an opportunity to speak at the TEDxOU event. In his talk, James spoke about the idea of games as truly social and how some “social” games are far from it.

In his blog post featuring the video, James pictures a world in which games can help bring people the world over closer together.

I envision a future where communities are no longer constrained by their physical boundaries. Where your closest friends are scattered across the globe, not simply in your backyard. Movies, books and music are great art forms, but they don’t have the inherent power to truly connect the world in a fundamental way. Truly social games have that power, and they are going to change the world.

James certainly has a great vision of social gaming and his work on Casino RPG and other HTML5 games has been geared toward that goal. As games rely more and more on online interactions, the ability to develop friendships and other relationships with the people you meet online will grow with it.

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