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Tag: Curse of the Crescent Isle

XBox Indie Game Developer, Adam Mowery, Answers Some Questions

After the first Game Developers Meetup, I followed up with some of the developers I met there. One of which is Adam Mowery. A few years ago, Adam created a game for XBox Live Indie Games titled Curse of the Crescent Isle. You can see the game trailer below.

I asked him a few questions about his experience and this is what he had to say:

Do you have any sales data you would like to share? Such as how many copies you have sold, how much money you have made, sales peaks etc? 

I think I ended up selling something around 1500 copies. I used to check it regularly but I don’t really bother anymore. I got about 80 cents on the dollar for that. A certain percentage went to the Daniel Davis ( who did the music and I paid a $99 a year fee to develop on the Xbox, I don’t remember how much was left.

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