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Welcome To Oklahoma Game Developers

When people think of game development hubs, they typically think of states like California, Washington or Texas. The last state on anyone’s mind is usually Oklahoma. They have all the reason’s they need to think that. There is little happening on the game development scene here. Although we have several colleges with gaming programs and courses, the people who graduate from them tend to move out of state to get their start.

This trend needs to stop. There are plenty of good reasons to set up shop here and the colleges are just one. What we have been missing is a resource and community to build up and strengthen the game developers we have and the ones rising up the ranks. Oklahoma Game Developers looks to be that resource. With this blog, we will highlight individuals, companies and schools in Oklahoma. We will also provide news and other information that is pertinent to the game development community.

We also have a forum where those interested or participating in the game development scene can get together to brag, teach, and debate. As we grow, we hope to bring more people into the community.

This is your resource as a game developer. We want you to help shape the way this blog, forum and community moves forward.

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