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Salamander Games Cofounders Discuss All Hands On Deck

Leading up to their Kickstarter for All Hands on Deck, Salamander Games co-founders Josh Fry and Chad Scott spoke with Cecil Robinson about what drives them to make table top games and to share a bit about their upcoming game All Hands on Deck. All Hands on Deck is a pirate themed card game. They will be launching a Kickstarter to fund development and distribution of the game on September 19th. The Kickstarter is now Live. Check it out.

To keep up with news about All Hands on Deck and all other news about Salamander Games, you can follow them on Twitter, on Facebook or just check out their website.

Thanks to Cecil Robinson for the work put into setting up and performing the interview. Additional thanks to Peyton Keith for the great camera and editing work.

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