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The Hunted: A Mobile Arena Shooter Now Available On iOS

The Hunted by F5 GamesHave you ever wondered what the motivation is behind alien abductions? You might think that they are studying those they take to better understand us for a later invasion. Perhaps you believe that we have something they are trying to learn so that they could improve upon their own society. Perhaps it is some myriad of other reasons. But you would be wrong. That is unless you have played the latest game by F5 Games, The Hunted.

In reality, aliens abduct us so that they can clone us repeatedly and force those clones to fight to the death with warriors from other alien races all for the enjoyment of the viewers. At least that is motivation behind this particular group of aliens.

The Hunted is a mobile arena shooter that takes great pains to make it the best arena shooter out on mobile devices. And to a point, they have succeeded. According to developers, there are a couple of problems with top down mobile shooters that they have addressed.

The first is that shooters like this require twin stick controls, one for movement, one for aiming. However, on a mobile phone, there is no way to have twin sticks while also allowing for other buttons for shooting. So in response to this, the developers added an auto-shoot to the aiming control while attaching the secondary action buttons to it. This gives you near complete control of all your actions without lifting your thumbs from the screen. A major improvement over many other similar arena shooters.

The Hunted GameplayThe second issue has to do with the nature of top down shooters. While most top down shooters allow you to see all around the character, this can lead to a reduction in the strategic nature of a shooter. So in response to this, F5 has added a field of view to the game. This means that you as the player can only see the parts of the arena that is in direct view of the character. This makes it far easier for other players to sneak up on each other as well as shoot each other in the back.

The best draw to the game is the great cast of characters that players can pick from. The basic all around character is a human hunter that was abducted late one night. But he has his work cut out for him as he is going up against much stronger and faster aliens as well as robots. But best of all, the game has a playable land shark. A Land Shark. Totally awesome.

But like I said earlier, F5 has succeed in making a great arena shooter to a point. The one downside is that this game is played completely online. There are no single player missions or bots to play against. You must play against other people. Seeing as this is a new game, there is a lack of people actively playing. That needs to change.

As a solution to that issue, The Hunted available as a free download on iTunes with in app purchases to unlock all the characters. So there is little reason not to give it a try. But if you still want to give it a shot without playing on your phone, you can also play an online demo on your PC that is completely compatible with iPhone players. So there really is no excuse to not have a match or 10 going at all times.

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