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Monday Morning Crowdfunding Report: February 9, 2015

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Every Monday, We link to the crowdfunding pages of games from Oklahoma developers and other interesting crowdfunding projects from Oklahomans. Music, comics, table-top games and more. If it might be of interest to gamers and game developers we will show them off.

Here is the primary list of crowdfunding campaigns:

Fully Funded:

The Prisoner’s Dilemma Card Game by Geym Theori. Geym Theori is creating a card game based on the old psychological trick of the prisoner’s dilemma. They have asked for a modest $100 goal and raised $755.

Currently Funding:

En Passant Card Game by Geym Theori. Geym Theori is creating a card game inspired by the game of chess. They are asking for $250 and have already raised $570 with 5 days left.

Cube Ninja by Nonlocality Games. Nonlocality is creating a minimalistic action game staring a cube on a mission to defeat a dodecahedron. They are looking to raise $6,000 and have raised $15 with 14 days left.

What The Fact – Party Card Game by MnO Game Co. MnO is creating a party game in which players match up question and answer cards to describe the other players. They are seeking $8,000 and have raised $65 with 29 days left.

That’s it for this week.  If you know of any campaigns we missed, please tell us so we can share.

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