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80s Horror Game Blight Night Coming To Mobile In 2016

Blight Night By Black Box GamesWith Christmas right around the corner, there is nothing to get you in the holiday spirit more than the announcement of a horror shooter video game. That’s where Black Box Games comes in with its first official announcement and trailer for Blight Night, an 80s horror themed game for mobile devices. According to the official website for the game, Blight Night is described as a “Part 1980s horror flick, part puzzle-solving adventure… without sacrificing the splatterfest.”

Developed by the duo of Nick Duttweiler and Jake Tennery, they are shooting for that classic twin stick horror shooter feel. As Black Box puts it, this game started as a passion project and grew from there.

In 2012 working Phoenician artist and programmer Nick Duttweiler dreamt up a game he’d enjoy playing. Thousands of man-hours later and consumed by what was now a full blown passion project, Nick found himself back in his hometown of Oklahoma City, swamped. With old friend and writer Jake Tennery on board, the game now known as Blight Night is set for a spring 2016 release.

Jake and Nick bring a number of creative skills to the game. Nick studied game design and worked as a game developer in Phoenix before returning to Oklahoma. Jake studied film and worked in Seattle before returning to Oklahoma. When Nick was looking to partner up to complete Blight Night’s development, Jake was the perfect fit for the project.

Blight Night GameplayAs for the spring 2016 deadline, they admit it is ambitious but they feel confident the deadline will give them the push needed to get Blight Night done. While they don’t have a specific release date in mind, the game will be done before the spring is through.

They also plan a Steam release too. But for now, they are focusing on the mobile releases. With them using Unity to develop the game, the PC version should be easily finished when the time is right.

To show off the look and feel of the game, Black Box has released an early gameplay trailer. this gives a great look at the gameplay, the main character, the enemies, set pieces, and a number of the weapons and items for the player to use.

We like what we see so far and look forward to learning more about this game and the studio behind it.

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