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Zombie Survival Game, A Wasted Life, Comes To Kickstarter

A Wasted Life

A Wasted Life by Robert Dishong is one of the latest Kickstarters to come from Oklahoma. This zombie apocalypse survival game is under development and is looking for $5,000 to help pay for new character models and other art assets. A Wasted Life is touted as an open world top down shooter and is being developed in Unity for PC, Mac and Linux.

This is the second time that A Wasted Life has been on Kickstarter with the first time being back in December 2012 where a mistake was made in the target goal. The Kickstarter had mistakenly requested $50,000 when only $5,000 was needed. The Kickstarter was canceled by Robert.

At the time of this writing, A Wasted Life has raised $100 of its goal and still has 26 days to go.

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