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Monthly Meetup: Introduction To Irrlicht 3D Graphics Engine

OKGD Monthly MeetupAs a game programmer, I am always looking at new game engines for potential use in the games I want to make. One engine that I looked at long before I decided on my current engine was Irrlicht. This game engine is an open source 3D game engine with support for multiple operating systems.

Now, more people get the opportunity to learn about this engine and how it can be used thanks to Dennis Ferron and the monthly meetup.

This talk will cover using the Irrlicht 3D graphics engine with the GNU C++ compiler and the Code::Blocks IDE on Windows.  I’ll give a short introduction explaining what Irrlicht is and why you might want to use it.  Next I’ll play a short prerecorded or simulated installation and project setup.  (Don’t worry about following it all; this is just to give a sense of how the setup goes.  Links to downloads and instructions will be available after the talk.)  I’ll spend the last part of the talk highlighting important parts of the code samples which come with Irrlicht and running the samples.  A question and answer period will follow.

I hope to see you there.

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