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StellarBrink Cancels Current Kickstarter; Starting New One Soon

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In an announcement sent to Kickstarter backers today, StellarBrink creator Daniel Kole has announced the cancellation of the current Kickstarter. In the update, he notes the changing of the game from an MMO to a single player/multiplayer experience. With that change, some of the reward tiers no longer applied.

Thank you for your support for Stellarbrink! I am writing today to let you know that I have cancelled the current Kickstarter, in order to revamp all of the reward tiers, making them even better and more enjoyable to you. In it’s earlier life, Stellarbrink was envisioned as an MMO, but I have since decided to alter that course, and go with a fuller and more feature-packed singleplayer/multiplayer experience. For this reason the in game credits being offered to you have become obsolete, and I wish to offer you gifts that will be relevant and worth your hard-earned cash.

While this is a setback in getting this game funded, it is not the end. He does have a new Kickstarter campaign in the works with completely revamped reward tiers to match the change in direction for the game.

The new Stellarbrink Kickstarter will be starting soon, and I hope that once the switch-over has been completed, that I can still count on your support.

Perhaps this will be the right move for StellarBrink as it hasn’t been able to reach the funding Kole is looking for in this or the previous campaign. The first campaign was launched with a 2 week funding period, gained 20 backers and raised $408 of a $15,000 goal. This most recent campaign was cancelled after 9 days with 75 backers and  $1,305 of $20,000 raised. This shows that the improvements he has made the game and the vision for the Kickstarter have helped it to bring in more supporters. Perhaps with the launch of a new campaign, Kole will be able to get the attention he needs to make his campaign a success.

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