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StellarBrink Goes Full On IndieGoGo

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Last week we reported that StellarBrink creator Daniel Kole had cancelled his Kickstarter campaign in order to refocus it and its rewards. This was done in anticipation of a revamped campaign that better fit the new focus of the game as a primarily single player/multiplayer game. It was expected that he would create a new Kickstarter campaign. In an announcement on the StellarBrink’s website and to Kickstarter backers, Kole stated that he will instead be focusing on the current IndieGoGo campaign.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me, as I’ve wrestled with some decisions about how best to fund Stellarbrink and give it the brightest future possible. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately the Kickstarter campaign had to be cancelled to update rewards. During this time, while working to reorganize the project, I took another look at

The Indiegogo has 23 days remaining and is a flex funding campaign. This means anything pledged DOES go straight to the development of the game, and it positions me, and the game, for success. I hope that now that I have settled on a set course of action, and feel confident in that choice, that we can push the IGG campaign to success and bring Stellarbrink to reality. I have lowered the cost of several of the reward tiers, to encourage people to stay with the project and be part of the journey with me.

The IndieGoGo campaign has made some ground over the weekend, more than doubling the amount pledged in just a few days before this announcement. We hope that StellarBrink can be a success. So please pledge to get this game completed.

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