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From Soy Sauce Officially Releases Spheroid And Announces Next Game

SpheroidBack in November, we wrote about the ending of Spheroid’s crowdfunding campaign and what From Soy Sauce plans to do to finish the game. They promised to complete the game and posted regular updates as well. So it is pretty exciting to see that the game has finally been released, at least for Japanese gamers at the moment.

In a video update, From Soy Sauce shows off the trailer for the completed game and provides a link to where you can buy Spheroid. They are promising an English link soon.

A couple of big updates from this video are the creation of From Soy Sauce’s website. FSS’s Founder plans to further build his YouTube channel with a number of new videos discussing game design as well as tutorials. Perhaps the greatest of the announcements is the one about their next game project, Difference. FSS’s Founder said that they will be moving away from their current GameMaker based game engine and moving to Unity to take advantage of its cross platform capabilities. Difference will have its current game engine redone in Unity and he will be documenting the process.

All these updates are rather exciting and I can’t wait to see what these guys can do with Unity. Until then, we will let you know when Spheroid get’s an English purchase option and will be watching From Soy Sauce’s progress closely.

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