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Month: March 2014

GoldFire Network Now Accepts Bitcoins

Goldfire Network Now Accepts Bitcoins

Bitcoin has been growing rapidly over the last few years as an alternative currency mostly used online. It has especially taken a liking by those in the tech community. So it is no surprise to learn that one of Oklahoma’s own game developers are not just using it, but accepting it as a payment option.

Goldfire Studios has made an announcement that it will now accept Bitcoin as a payment option for all its Goldfire Network games including its latest Casino RPG.

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Duel Of Heroes Moves To IndieGogo With A Change In Goals

Duel of Heroes

This past week, the Kickstarter for Duel of Heroes failed to reach its funding goal. After an initial but small burst of support, interest in the game seemed to wain and TAG Inc was unable to spur continued pledge momentum. It closed out the Kickstarter having only raised $8,091 of its $75,000 goal.

Before the end of this Kickstarter, plans were put in motion to redirect the campaign to IndieGogo. For many days before the ending of the Kickstarter campaign, TAG Inc teased the launch of their Duel of Heroes IndieGogo campaign. They announced this intention on the DOH website, on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, this past Sunday, Duel of Heroes made its official debut on IndieGogo as it canceled the campaign on Kickstarter.

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From Soy Sauce Officially Releases Spheroid And Announces Next Game

SpheroidBack in November, we wrote about the ending of Spheroid’s crowdfunding campaign and what From Soy Sauce plans to do to finish the game. They promised to complete the game and posted regular updates as well. So it is pretty exciting to see that the game has finally been released, at least for Japanese gamers at the moment.

In a video update, From Soy Sauce shows off the trailer for the completed game and provides a link to where you can buy Spheroid. They are promising an English link soon.

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Divine Knight’s February Game Has Players Defending A Graveyard

Graveyard Defense by Divine Knight GamingContinuing on their quest to make 12 games in 12 months, Divine Knight Gaming released the second game in the series. For February, they released Graveyard Defense, a simple actiony game taking place in a graveyard.

The game plays with the player, portrayed by a paladin type soldier, standing among four graves from which endless waves of undead spawn. The player must then use the arrow keys on their keyboard to battle them. Eventually the player will be overwhelmed by the monsters and they will die.

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