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GoldFire Network Now Accepts Bitcoins

Goldfire Network Now Accepts Bitcoins

Bitcoin has been growing rapidly over the last few years as an alternative currency mostly used online. It has especially taken a liking by those in the tech community. So it is no surprise to learn that one of Oklahoma’s own game developers are not just using it, but accepting it as a payment option.

Goldfire Studios has made an announcement that it will now accept Bitcoin as a payment option for all its Goldfire Network games including its latest Casino RPG.

Bitcoin is something that we’ve experimented with for the last few years personally, and we tend to discuss it quite frequently here at GoldFire HQ. Until recently; however, we hadn’t thought seriously about offering it as a payment option for the games under the GoldFire Network.

Recent events would lead you to believe this is odd timing, but it has only led to a bolstering of confidence in the fledgling crypto-currency. So, we’ve decided to take the leap and make it one of the primary purchasing options for the entire network, including our newest title, CasinoRPG.

This will be a great experiment on Bitcoin’s viability as a payment option for game developers and their fans. As people look for new ways to ensure their privacy, they may take up Bitcoin in greater numbers and more game developers will need to take it on as an alternative to normal purchase methods. We applaud Goldfire for their forward looking stance on Bitcoin and hope so see others experiment with it as well.

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