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Casino RPG Officially Launches On April 16

Casino RPG by Goldfire StudiosCasino RPG is coming. Goldfire Studios has announced that Casino RPG will be exiting Beta and making its full debut on April 16. This is just two weeks away. This is the capstone of the significant progress the game has made over the last couple of years.

In February 2013, Goldfire successfully finished the Casino RPG Kickstarter. Since then, the game has been in active development. In September of 2013, they launched the official Beta for the game. During that time, they regularly provided new updates, features and bug fixes. Now they are ready to pull it out of that development phase and focus on what is next.

However, unlike most games, this does not mean development on the game will slow down. On the contrary, it will allow us to accelerate further towards our goals as we also begin to further expand the already vibrant community. We’ve got many incredible features and updates planned, and you can be sure we’ll continue to value all of your feedback as we progress.

To commemorate this event, Goldfire has released the latest trailer of the game featuring many of the features and content added during the Beta. We congratulate Goldfire Studios for their effort in bringing this successful crowdfunding campaign from concept to fruition.

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